Activity Areas

Obligations and Commercial Law


• Debts based on bills, contracts, or checks and bonds or negative clearance cases

Corporate Law and Capital Market Law

• Local or foreign-owned company establishment
• Foreign capital transfers
• Investment incentives
• Preparation of Articles of Association and shareholders contracts
• The general assembly and board operations
• Liquidation, bankruptcy, insolvency and bankruptcy postponement
• Contact and branch offices organizations
• Stocks and transactions on the bonds
• Capital increases and reductions
• Purchase and sale of companies, full and partial spinouts

Land and Air Transport Litigation Law

• Shipping cost, delay in transportation, disputes arising from products’ loss, damage and insurance costs, and actions for damages and losses

Unfair Competition Litigation

• Lawsuits to be filed because of the losses arising due to any attack,
unfair or bad advertisement in products or services.

Defects in Product and Service Cases

• Defect claims in products and services sold or purchased, or detection, compensation, damages or the return of the product cases arising from defect disputes


• Company Master Agreements,
• Partnership Agreements,
• Distributorship Agreements,
• Stock Transfer Agreement,
• Agreements for movable and immovable property sale,
• Joint Ventures,
• Leasing Contracts,
• Factoring Agreements,
• Franchise Agreements,
• Leases,
• Agency Agreements,
• Freelance Contracts,
• Construction Contracts,
• Loan Agreements,
• License Agreements,
• Business Contracts,
• Management, Consulting and Service Contracts.

Execution and Bankruptcy Law

• Enforcement of verdicts
• Collection of commercial and personal loans, guarantee, liquidation of collateral, protecting clients’ rights and interests and prevention of losses during enforcement proceedings against them
• At stages of enforcement and bankruptcy restructuring receivables/debt of companies and individuals, reclamation and re-organization of the financial position
• Identification of risks during a company’s sale as a whole or a portion
• Establishment of bankruptcy draft plan at the stage of preparation and acceptance of bankruptcy process
• Postponement of bankruptcy and bankruptcy litigation

Real Estate and Construction Law

• Buying and selling of real estate contracts
• Investigations on actual and legal status of real estate during preparations for projects focused on real estate
• Control of projects involving assigned public lands
• Counseling and representation for real estate acquisitions by foreigners in Turkey
• Legal advice services about regulation of all kinds of contract real estate investors and property owners may need in the process of buying and selling and on emerging issues at the phase of implementation
• Advising services on leasing law and granting and resolution of conflicts through arbitration or lawsuits
• Mortgages
• Consultancy services for building permits, management plans and regulations
• Preparation of international and local construction contracts, resolution of disputes arising from tenders, finance or construction contracts
• Construction contracts
• Property problems in contracts, deed cancellations and compensations
• Contractor remuneration
• Legal matters related to court cases of incomplete constructions, late delivery, delivery avoidance or building scheme

Civil Law

Family and Personal Law

• Divorce proceedings
• Property regimes
• Adoption
• Child support cases
• Custody cases
• Foreign court Recognition and Enforcement of decisions
about family law
• First name, last name, age correction and birth record trials

Associations and Foundations Law

• The procedures for establishing an association
• The procedures for establishing a foundation
• Cases based on Associations and Foundations legislation
• Appeal and lawsuits to be filed against the penalties and
administrative actions based on Associations and
Foundations legislation
• Legal consultancy services for Associations and Foundations

Law of Inheritance

• Probate decision (certificate of inheritance)
• Legacy cases
• Succession based on Inheritance cases
• Preparation of Wills
• Determination of a custodian
• Division of heritage
• Partition (Removal of partnership)

Business and Social Security Law

 Liabilities, applications and agreements about Business Law   and the related fields of employee-employer relationship
 All kinds of balance and compensation cases of employee-employer relationship
 Resolution of disputes arising from labor law through negotiations and arbitration
 Business law and employment issues
 Termination of Contract and cases arising from work accidents and illnesses
 Return to work cases
 Labor law matters arising during mergers and acquisitions, and divisions of companies including transfer of employees and termination of contracts
 Preparation of service agreements between senior managers and companies, confidential non-compete agreements and similar employment agreements
 Service and employment contracts
 Determination of the insured services cases
 Consulting services about Occupational Safety Act, legal support for the preparation of necessary business environment
 Disputes under the Social Security Act
 Resolution of disputes between employee and employer such as Strike and lockout etc through arbitration and litigation

Liability and Compensation Law

 Financial and moral claims caused by traffic accidents
 Covenant financial and moral claims
 Tort financial and moral claims
 Financial and moral claims based on defamation, libel etc that may also be subject to criminal law
 Compensation for losses incurred under intellectual and industrial property law, competition law
 Representation in proceedings against any type of natural or legal persons, or official institutions that are responsible of every kind of material and moral damages incurred
 Proceedings for compensation related to lack of support
 All kinds of lawsuits arising from infringement of personal rights

Tax Law

•• Solution of legal problems ŭn tax imposition, accrual and collection stages
 Any objection to tax penalties and representation at lawsuits stage
 Tax litigation
 Solution of problems faced with Ministry of Finance and the tax authorities through settlement or litigation
 Objections against the decisions of alterations and discretions commissions of tax authorities and necessary legal procedure operations

Administrative Law

 Cancellation and full judicial proceedings against
administrative actions
 Objections against administrative penalties and lawsuit to be filed
 Objections to the decisions of the public procurement agency
and settlement of disputes
 Objections against the housing and construction operations of
Municipalities and appeals and legal procedure operations
 Land Acquisition cases

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Law

Trademark Litigation

within the framework of Decree-Law No. 556 on the Protection of Marks;
 Suspension of brand infringement
 Actions for damages arising from counterfeit brands
 Unfair competition because of the similarity of marks cases
 Trademark cancellation proceedings, invalidity proceedings,
actions for damages
 Lawsuits filed against the decisions of the Turkish Patent Institute
 Seizure and confiscation proceedings related to counterfeit products
 Confiscation operations of counterfeit branded goods at customs

Design Litigation

within the framework of Decree-Law No. 554 about Designs;
 Suspension of design infringement
 Actions for damages arising from imitation designs
 Unfair competition because of the similarity of designs cases
 Design revocation and invalidity proceedings
 Confiscation and seizure of imitation designs cases

Patent Litigation

within the framework of Decree-Law No. 556 on the
Protection of Marks;
 Patents and utility models infringement cases
 Lawsuits filed against patent confiscations
 Cancellation of utility model and patents and invalidity proceedings

International Law

 Maritime Law
 Foreign Trade and Customs Law
 Foreigners Law
 Litigation of International Disputes through Resolution and Arbitration
 Recognition and Enforcement of International Court Decisions